Our age-based Sunday morning CYRE groups take seriously the specific needs of different age cohorts as we grow and develop in our life and faith formation. From unique art projects for four-year olds to asking life’s big questions with teenage youth, we know that all ages and stages benefit from companioning and expanding along the way.

The Peace Room serves children Age 4/Pre-K to Grade 2 through fun, hands-on activities that engage the senses and help them feel at home in the church.

The Searchers Room serves Grades 3-5, engaging older elementary age children in adventures in learning, processing their own beliefs and values, and building peer communities.

The Transformers Room serves Grades 6-8 youth. Middle-school youth are forming identities and unique friendship groups, exploring their values and beliefs, and making decisions.

The YOUUTH Room serves grades 9-12 and YOUUTH Group. High-school youth ask big questions, build lifelong friendships, participate in leadership, explore decision making through role play and deep conversation, discover their own convictions, and stretch themselves to understand others. Youth transition into leadership roles, including planning youth-led worship and service activities.

Transformers and YOUUTH also attend several worship services a year as full participants to foster their transition into young adulthood.