Whether you’re searching for meaning, mending a broken heart, or simply needing some friends who share your values, Unitarian Universalism is here for you: connecting, caring, healing.

Unitarian Universalism connects you with people who will be real with you. Learning and laughing across generations and cultures, we build relationships of care and support.

  • For Visitors has information to help first time visitors find us and know what to expect at our worship services.
  • The Volunteer page lists several opportunities for volunteering and how to make the appropriate contact for your interests
  • Soul Circle Ministry is a way to deepen and broaden personal spiritual growth
  • Pastoral Care explains how to receive or refer someone to our compassionate Pastoral Care Team.
  • Our volunteer Care Committee provides both practical and emotional support
  • For information about becoming a member see the Become a Member page

Every group within our church has its own special ways of connecting and caring. Whatever your age and stage, you can meet people, engage in groups and programs, and volunteer in ways that build community and nurture others.

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