The Care Committee helps fulfill the UUCH mission of strengthening our bonds of community by organizing opportunities for church members to nurture one another.

Not only is care provided, but the giving and receiving on an individual person-to-person basis builds a deeper and more meaningful relationship among members –

Givers are rewarded with a sense of being needed and able to help others.

Receivers are rewarded with not only physical needs being met, but a sense of knowing that they have a church family to help them through challenging times.

The Care Committee provides practical help:

  • Takes meals to families in need
  • Provides transportation for members needing assistance
  • Helps to provide food and flowers to receptions for UUCH memorial services

The Care Committee gives emotional support to church members through:

  • Cards of congratulations, encouragement, and condolence
  • Care shawls and/or comfort throws
  • Hand-made baby sets
  • Calls and visits to shut-ins
  • Donations to charities in memory of deceased immediate family members

Members needing help from or offering help to the Care Committee can contact our Care Committee Chair or the church office.