Ministry Team

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Elected Members of the Board 2021/22

Contact us through the main office. For emails, include “Attention Board” in the subject line.

President: Nick Wilbourn

Vice President: Betsy Applegate

Secretary: Nancy Finley

Treasurer: Bob Locklear

Trustee: Suzey Delacey

Trustee: Shalin Mody

Trustee: Nancy Pettus

Ex Officio Member of the Board: Rev. Jaimie Dingus (Minister)

Council of Committee Chairs 2021/22

Contact the council through the main office. For emails, include “Attention Council” or “Attention [committee name]” in the subject line.

Chair: Betsy Applegate, Vice President

Care Chair: Barbara Hitt

Fellowship Chair: Steve Rittenberg

Finance Chair: David Bollinger

Hospitality Chair: Vacant

Membership Chair: Pam Korb

Music Chair: Vacant

Property Co-Chairs: Paul Wieland & Howard Williams

Religious Education (Adult) Chair: Sarah Rody

Religious Education (Children and Youth) Chair: Nicole Wright

Stewardship Chair:  Dan McKitrick

Social Justice Co-Chairs: Willie Robinson & Naja Shabazz

Technology Chair: Bryan Walls

Worship Co-Chairs: Suzey Delacey & Bobby Hall

Other Committee Contacts

Committee on Ministry: Brad Korb

Denominational Affairs Representative: Vacant

Nominating Committee: Tim Miller

Personnel Committee: Carol Youkey