Ministry Team

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Our Volunteer Leaders

UUCH Volunteer Leadership 2019-2020, top to bottom, left to right: Jack Long, John Shulz, Will Garrison, Bob Locklear, Nick Wilbourn, David Bollinger, Emily Garrision, LaDawn Edwards, Steve Rittenberg, Denise Runnels, Lynsie Lamitie, Pam Korb, Ken Sandlen, Wanda Snoddy (Property Committee), Kathryn Heath, Rachael Scheib, Ed Bernstein. Not Pictured: John Jeter, Susan Coddington, Jessica Shulz, Deborah Delacey, Paul Wieland

Elected Members of the Board 2019-20

Contact us through the main office, include “Attention Board” in the subject line for email messages.

President: John Schulz

Vice President: Denise Runnels

Secretary: Nick Wilbourn

Treasurer: David Bollinger

Trustee: Ed Bernstein

Trustee: Bryan Walls

Trustee: Jack Long

Ex Officio Members of the Board: Rev. Ed Brock (Minister) and Susan Coddington (UUCH President 2018-2019)

Council of Committee Chairs 2019 – 2020

Chair: Denise Runnels, Vice President

Care Committee Co-Chairs: LaDawn Edwards & John Jeter

Denominational Affairs Representative: Susan Coddington

Finance Chair: Bob Locklear

Hospitality Co-Chairs: Kathryn Heath & Jessica Schulz

Membership Co-Chairs: Pam Korb

Music Chair: Rachael Scheib

Nominating Committee

Property Chair: Paul Wieland

Religious Education (Adult) Chair: Lynsie Lamite

Religious Education (Children and Youth): Steve Rittenberg

Social Justice Co-Chairs: Emily Garrison & Ken Sandlen

Technology Chair: Will Garrison

Worship Chair: Deborah Delacey