Our Virtual Plate

Thank you for supporting the UUCH community. You can mail donations to:

Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville
PO Box 5545
Huntsville, AL 35814

Or, use the form below to make an online donation. Instructions are below the form.

Donate Online

The online donation form above offers two options for donating online, either with a credit/debit card or from a bank account using your bank routing and account numbers.

To make a one-time online donation:
  • Under “Give Now,” in the “Select Fund*” drop down box, choose which fund you want to donate to, options include donating to:
    • The annual stewardship/pledge fund or
    • The UUCH general fund, the “plate”
  • Leave the “One Time” drop down box at the default “One Time” value.
  • Enter the amount you intend to donate in the box labeled “$ Amount*”
  • Click the “Add Donation” button
  • If you would like to donate to both funds, repeat the above steps choosing the other fund option in the “Select Fund*” drop down box and again click the “Add Donation” button.
  • The sum of your intended donations is displayed
  • Click the trashcan icon to delete the donation item if you’ve made a mistake
  • Click the “Next” button to choose your payment method
    • Credit card or debit card, (displayed by default)
    • Checking or Savings bank account, click “Pay by Checking/Savings Account”
    • Fill in the requested information
    • Click next and follow any additional instructions
To make a recurring payment, or to set up for future donations:
  • In the upper right corner of the form click Sign In / Sign Up
  • Create a GivePlus account if you do not have one, otherwise use your GivePlus email and password to sign in
  • Follow the instructions provided by GivePlus