Speaker: Rev. Andrew Millard

“The Transient and Permanent in Unitarian Universalism”

View the Video here. While Unitarian minister Theodore Parker is best known (at least amongst UUs) for originating the concept of the arc of the moral universe, as well as for keeping a loaded pistol on his sermon-writing desk in case he needed to assist someone escaping slavery, Parker’s greatest influence on our living tradition … Continue reading “The Transient and Permanent in Unitarian Universalism”

“Onward and Upward”

For generations, our Universalist and Unitarian ancestors-in-faith sought to grow the Beloved Community by fostering “the continuity of human development in all worlds, or, the progress of humanity onward and upward forever.” And yet, we know that progress is never linear, that there are always setbacks and disappointments along the way. How do we temper … Continue reading “Onward and Upward”