Speaker: Ana Self Schuber

Philanthropy in America

Philanthropy is one of the cornerstones of American life. This Sunday we will explore what it means to be a truly giving community and why. 


Traditions and rituals hold us together as a people. They help give our lives purpose and meaning. Why is it that we don’t honor our teenagers with a welcoming ritual into adulthood? What might that look like? Looking at other cultural rituals, let’s explore what a … read more.

Set Aside the Rumble

Some days, you have to set aside the rumble of the day. Turn off the television. Walk away from the insanity of politics and don’t sit on the couch awaiting things to get better. Go out. Make a change. Smile more. Do new things. Unfollow negative people. … read more.

What’s Up With the Nones?

Organized religion is in flux around the world. How does a rising tide of secularism fit in the web of existence? Who are the Nones? What do they share with religion? What do they shun?

This service is presented by Guest Speaker: Ana Self Schuber, member of … read more.