Beyond Categorical Thinking

“Will the new minister hear me? Will my concerns and needs be met? Will the minister understand what I’m living with? How will the community respond to our minister?” In answering these questions, a picture of the “ideal minister” (categorized by age, gender identity, nationality, physical or cognitive ability, race, sexual orientation, etc.) probably comes to mind. With this picture in place, it can be easy to unintentionally exclude ministers who fall into certain categories. At times, as we get caught up in comparing candidates to our “picture,” and we can even forget what it is we hoped for in a minister.

On the weekend of August 17 and 18, UUCH will participate in the Beyond Categorical Thinking program offered by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) for congregations involved in the search for a new minister.

The UUCH Ministerial Search Committee invites all congregational leaders, members, and friends to participate in this workshop. Beyond Categorical Thinking is designed to promote inclusive thinking and help prevent unfair discrimination in the search process for a new minister. This program includes a three-hour BCT workshop and a Sunday morning service with a trained facilitator, Rev. Keith Kron, the Director of Transitions for the UUA. In the workshop, UUCH members will:  

  • Consider the hopes, expectations, and concerns they have for a new minister
  • Learn more about the ministerial search process, and
  • Explore how thinking categorically about people sometimes interferes with choosing the best candidate.    

The selection of a minister is important. Beyond Categorical Thinking is another opportunity for everyone in our congregation to be a part of that process. Everyone is welcome, and childcare will be provided. If you have questions, contact your Ministerial Search Committee.