Topic: Welcome

Sacred Safety

View the video here. What does it mean to be a safe congregation? How do we keep one another safe in our community? What actions can we take to make our larger community safer? What do we need to know in order to … read more.

“Growing in Faith”

Rev. Jaimie has just served on the ministerial fellowshipping committee, the body that evaluates and approves candidates for UU ministry. And this week, UUCH is welcoming in new members who are excited to join this loving community. No matter how long Unitarian Universalism has been … read more.

Hedonistic Simplicity

Doing the right thing for the earth and having a happy life don’t have to be mutually exclusive or expensive. We will explore these ideas illustrated with songs and examples from around the world.

Kiya Heartwood is an award winning singer/song-writer and wife to Rev. Meg … read more.

Living Our Principles

Living Our Principles: Making a More Radical Welcome
As Unitarian Universalists, we have diverse lives and beliefs, yet we are connected and empowered by our common principles. People of all ages in our faith ask how we can more fully understand and live our principles, create … read more.

Welcoming Sabbath

Our theme for September is “Welcome” and we are asked to consider what it means to be a people of welcome. Usually when we think of welcoming, we imagine taking more in, expanding our circle. Do we recognize, also, that welcoming involves right sizing our needs … read more.