Topic: Risk

“Living in the Bubble of Now”

At our upcoming service, your UUCH Worship Committee will present “Living in the Bubble of Now,” a discussion on life in 2020.  Although we are each experiencing 2020 in different ways, we are all united in its challenges.  Angela Arnold and Salaama Journey will provide … read more.

Standing on Sacred Ground

Where is the Sacred Ground of our Unitarian Universalist faith?  What risks do we take when we embrace a religion without a creed?  How do we know what to believe?  Have you asked yourself any of these questions?  As we close out our month of … read more.

Searching for Truth & Meaning

“Searching for Truth & Meaning: Story, Science, and other Risky Ways of Knowing.” 


At the literal center of our Unitarian Universalist Principles is an insistence on the importance of the search for truth and meaning. We will explore some of the ways we human beings know … read more.

Risking It All – Stories of Courage

History is full of brave people that dared to risk it all in the face of extreme adversity.  You have heard their names, but do you really know their stories? This week the Worship Team will dedicate our service to exploring what drove these braves … read more.

Tending the Flame

The Unitarian Service Committee adopted our Flaming Chalice for use in 1941. Among other things, it has been a symbol for us of freedom, commitment, sacrifice, courage, and illumination. We tend the flame of our faith by remembering the stories of our history and the … read more.