Topic: Intention

“I Am Willing”

Holly Near’s song “I Am Willing” featured in this week’s service, is a beloved anthem about how we hold on to hope and keep going despite our obstacles. It is an anthem of resilience, a promise to persist. How do we build up resilience in … read more.

Commitment Sunday

Who we love, who we choose, how we support each other, this is what tells us who we are and what we value. David Brooks writes, “Our lives are stories of recommitment.” We are nearing the threshold, we are visioning the time to come when … read more.

“Sweat the Small Stuff”

In this feel-good society, where the small stuff rolls off our backs, where anger and sorrow are considered wrong, unproductive, and harmful. Not sweating the small stuff has led to a feeling of uselessness and hopelessness and we have been patiently waiting for someone bigger … read more.

“An 8th Principle for Unitarian Universalism”

Unitarian Universalism covenants around 7 principles that guide our lives and encourage us toward spiritual deepening. In 2013 Black UU leaders and theologians proposed an 8th principle to guide us toward more intentional racial justice work in our congregations. Let’s learn and reflect together on … read more.

Acts of Worship

“I’ve always believed that anything done with care and joy can be an act of worship, and the kitchen for me has often been a form of church, even if the anointing oil in this case was olive.”

~ John Pavlovitz

Join us this week to … read more.

The Path of Right Intention

Do your goals ever get in the way of your intentions?  Or another question might be, is it possible to be intentional about how we achieve our goals? These are the questions I am asking myself, as I continue reflecting on our theme question for … read more.