Speaker: Rev. Jaimie Dingus

The Love Between Us

View the video here. Liberating Love inspires us to care outside of our own circles and to show love in bold ways. But what about our closest loves? What does Liberating Love have to teach us about how to love ourselves, our … read more.

Christmas Eve Service

Join with your UUCH family to sing carols, light candles, and be transformed by the wonder in an old story about home and love!

Tending our Own Spirits

The Holiday season brings with it an overwhelming rush of memories, milestones, celebrations, and expenses. This rush is joyful for some, but for many it can be a trying time. Whether this season is marked by grief, by isolation, or anxiety, we need tools to … read more.

How to Love a Mystery

Every person we meet is a mystery to us. They come with their own desires, their own questions, their own histories, and traumas. Today we will explore how to love a mystery well.

All Around the Welcome Table

View the video here. “From you I receive, to you I give, together we share, and from this we live.” It is a privilege to be in community with generous loving people. Come celebrate Thanksgiving, practice generosity, and experience gratitude. At this special service … read more.

Be Our Guest

View the video here. At UUCH we are grateful for the work of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, an organization that believes the transformational solutions we need come from communities most directly impacted by injustice. Join us for this year’s Guest at Your Table … read more.