Speaker: Rev. Jaimie Dingus

Party, Protest, Pray, Repeat!

It’s Pride month and so we join together with our larger LGBTQ community to party, protest and pray! Pride is a combination of all three; celebrating our gorgeous individuality, calling out injustice within the community, and praying with our spirits and our actions for change. Join us for this inspiring service, where you may receive … Continue reading Party, Protest, Pray, Repeat!

Flower Communion

View the Video here. Each of us are like the flowers: precious, beautiful, and unique. Today we bring flowers together, a symbol of our unity amid our sacred diversity. Please remember to bring a flower from home to share in our flower communion.

Pain in the Pews

View the video here. As much as organized religion can be a tool for harnessing community power and making the world a better place, organized religion can also be a place of pain, trauma, and deep disappointment. For many people in our community, previous religious trauma is part of the story of finding our way … Continue reading Pain in the Pews

It’s Not Too Late to Fix this Mistake: A Conversation with the EarWitness Podcast

View the video here. Ours is a faith rooted in covenant, where when harm happens, we can address it and then return to relationship. How different would our world be, if our legal system took that approach. UUCH is joined by guests from the Ear Witness Podcast who will share the real life story of … Continue reading It’s Not Too Late to Fix this Mistake: A Conversation with the EarWitness Podcast

Earth Day, Everyday

View the video here. Today we mark Earth Day, the international celebration of our planet home, and reminder that our climate is changing rapidly, and we must act. Between the fear and anxiety of climate chaos and the spiritual richness of our interdependence with nature, may we find space, to pray, hold hope, and build … Continue reading Earth Day, Everyday

Broader, Bolder, Braver

Video – A few months ago we made a time capsule and talked about our history, our past, and the lessons and wisdom we would need for the future. Today let’s look forward. Who are we? Where are we going? How will we transform? Join us for this special service that will include a first … Continue reading Broader, Bolder, Braver