Speaker: Rev. Jaimie Dingus

Raising the Roof

In this service we celebrate the good work of our congregation and the boundless potential we have to grow and shape our community for the better. With hope, let’s imagine all that will be possible through our generosity and commitment!

Widening the Circle for Justice

In 2020, the UUAs “Widening the Circle Report” began a conversation on how Unitarian Universalism might best live into its commitments to Justice and Equity. Let’s explore how we might implement these findings in our own community, widening the circle for … read more.

Widening the Circle Through Covenant

In her book, “The Art of Gathering,” author Priya Parker writes, “”In a world of infinite choices, choosing one thing is the revolutionary act. Imposing that restriction is actually liberating.” That is to say, setting group expectations and being clear about who and … read more.

Widening the Circle in Love

Let’s talk about love! Love that includes, love that embraces, love that opens up new possibilities! As Unitarian Universalists our First Principle calls us to widen the circle of love so that no one falls outside of it. How might we … read more.

The Perpetual Shift

The life and activism of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is rich with lessons and learnings. This year we look deeper at the ways his focus as an activist and organizer changed with the changing needs of the world.  On this MLK weekend, what might … read more.

Spirituality on Repeat

Sometimes our deepest spiritual experiences are one-offs: the retreat weekend, the sunrise hike, the unexpected moment of connection. But other times, the spiritual experiences that mean the most to us are the ones we do over and over again. Join us this Sunday as we … read more.

Fire Communion

It’s 2022 and despite our fears, the world feels new. Let us ring in this new year, with our annual tradition of Fire Communion. We will burn away all that we must leave behind, and together spark our hopes for the future year to come. 

Winter Solstice: A Celebration of the Longest Night

The Winter Solstice marks the threshold where we pass from longer nights to longer days. This is a sweet and sacred time. In community we reflect and imagine as we cross this threshold together. Join us for this ritual of firelight, sharing, and song.

PJs and Christmas Stories

Most years, this Sunday is the day we have our beloved No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant. We will bring that tradition back next year, with all the costumes and chaos and fun. But for this year, we will be silly and festive in other ways with Christmas … read more.