Speaker: Rev. Jaimie Dingus

Diwali: a Festival of Lights

UUCH Board Member, Shalin Mody, grew up practicing Hinduism and celebrating the festival of Diwali. Shalin will share about the meaning of this tradition, and Rev. Jaimie will reflect on what we as Unitarian Universalists can learn from this celebration.

The Courage to Face the Truth

The truth is our world tells us to be truthful and honest, and yet our culture sometimes rejects our deepest truths. Yet our values call us to authenticity and deep relationship. Let us gather up the courage to share the big truths, of who we … read more.

The Church Doesn’t need more Volunteers

Wait? What? Of course we need more volunteers?? Rev. Erin Wathen challenges churches to consider what service looks like under the conditions of true belonging. This year as we reimagine how we work and serve together, let’s dig deep on how we can find true … read more.

Web of Belonging

From you I receive, to you I give, together we share, and from this we live. Each of us is tied up in a web of mutual connection with our families, our neighbors, our communities and our larger world. How do we best nurture this … read more.

Water Communion

Return Again, Return Again, Return to the Home of your Soul! Join us this Sunday as we regather in beloved community. We will celebrate our UU Ritual of Water Communion and focus our hearts on the challenges and opportunities of this year ahead. Bring some … read more.

Encounters with Art

Paul DeMoor was our other auction sermon winner, and he asked Rev. Jaimie to reflect on “Encounters: with Dean Mitchell” an exhibit recently displayed at the Huntsville Art Museum. Join us as we explore the intersections of race, art, theology and meaning making!

What’s In a Song?

Cam Scales was one of the winners of this year’s auction sermons, and she presented Rev. Jaimie with a fun challenge. In this service, she will work to incoporate as many song titles as she possibly can into a cohesive and meaningful service. How many … read more.

Building Our Own Theology

This summer Rev. Jaimie and Nancy Finley taught an adult RE class based on the curriculum, “Building Your Own Theology.” This morning we will all reflect on what it means to create personal theology and we will hear credo statements from participants of the class!