Congregational Survey

Many thanks to those who participated in the Committee on Ministry’s (COM) Congregational Survey last month! 80 people completed the Survey, and overall, the survey reveals mixed, complex responses to change moving forward. However, we did see a strong consensus that in-person activities should be safely resumed but also that Zoom options should continue for those who prefer or require online services.

Perhaps the most interesting data point we received: approximately 97.5% of the adult participants in the survey are fully vaccinated. (Only 2 out of the 80 respondents expressed reservations about revealing their status or about becoming vaccinated.) In other words, the congregation’s vaccination rate is far higher than the county or state averages and is nearly universal. 

Members of the congregation stated that both masking and social distancing are essential to indoor activities while social distancing is preferred for outdoor activities. The congregation seems open to the Board issuing mandates for such practices. Of course, individuals responding to the survey did not have the information about the quite high vaccination rate of the congregation in general.

The COM has given a more extensive report on the survey results to the Board, and we can already see its impact on our practices moving forward! Many thanks to the Board for its careful consideration of COVID-19 risks and policies, and to the congregation for its patience with our desire to continue as a congregation concerned about the safety and well-being of every member.

From The Committee on Ministry (COM)