Topic: Memory

“Powerful Words”

The poet Meena Alexander writes, “In a time of violence, the task of poetry is in some way to reconcile us to our world and to allow us a measure of tenderness and grace with which to exist.” As we enter the month of May, … read more.

“Remembrance Sunday”

Across culture and religious tradition, at this time of the year people of faith honor those who have died and connect more deeply with their ancestors. In this year where we have experienced so much death and grief, we need now more than ever space … read more.

When Memory Fails Us

‘Tis the season of family, ritual, and tradition, a season filled with joy and laughter, except when it isn’t. The holiday season can hold some difficult memories for some of us, and for others, memories are fading. In this time of gatherings and merriment, how do … read more.

The Paradox of Memory

This is the second in a two-part series on Memory.  In this sermon, I will explore the opposite side of the coin we looked at in last week’s sermon.

Memory has a dominant role in defining us and can be very helpful to us in that … read more.

Remembering Who We Are

This is the first of a two-part sermon series on Memory, which  is the theme of this month’s Soul Matters sharing circles to which many of our members belong. We are fortunate at this congregation to have such an active Soul Matters program. Soul Matters … read more.