Topic: Courage

Diwali: a Festival of Lights

UUCH Board Member, Shalin Mody, grew up practicing Hinduism and celebrating the festival of Diwali. Shalin will share about the meaning of this tradition, and Rev. Jaimie will reflect on what we as Unitarian Universalists can learn from this celebration.

The Courage to Face the Truth

The truth is our world tells us to be truthful and honest, and yet our culture sometimes rejects our deepest truths. Yet our values call us to authenticity and deep relationship. Let us gather up the courage to share the big truths, of who we … read more.

Draw the Circle: Holding Space for Difference

It’s simple to say that as Unitarian Universalists are used to being in relationship with others that have different beliefs, but how do we safely and lovingly navigate the waters of community when those differences start to create friction? What practices can we use when … read more.