Speaker: Rev. Ed Brock

The Serenity Prayer, Part 3

This week I will give the third and final in a series of sermons about the Serenity Prayer.

This week will also be my last service and sermon at UUCH in my capacity as Interim Minister.

I leave knowing that you are about to begin a … read more.

“The Serenity Prayer, Part 1”

The Serenity Prayer transcends the boundaries of between religious groups and even the boundary between religious and nonreligious groups. It is universal in appeal because it touches on challenges found in human experience across cultures. This Sunday, and for the next … read more.

Going Forward

wheels of life are turning, and the world for all of us is changing.
Although the future, as always, is in some ways opaque and unknowable,
there is a lot we can say about the future of UUCH.  

UUCH is in the best … read more.

Reflections on Wisdom, Part 4

This Sunday, I will give my fourth and final sermon on wisdom traditions as we continue to honor the theme of this month’s Soul Matters theme.   The first two Sundays of this month, I spoke about … read more.

UUCH Virtual Worship Service

Please join us tomorrow morning for Virtual Worship at 10:45. Click on the “Join Meeting” link below.

If you experience issues or would like help figuring out how to join the session please email, uuch@uuch.org. We will do our best … read more.

Reflections on Wisdom – Part 1

This Sunday, in keeping with the theme of our Soul Matters Sharing Circles, I will talk about wisdom. What is wisdom?  Where do we find it? How do we know if something is ‘wise’ or not? Can we find wisdom from others, or … read more.

“Reflections on Resilience – Part 3”

So far, I have spoken about two characteristics of resilience. The first revolved around finding others with whom we can freely share our struggles within an atmosphere of non-judging acceptance. The second characteristic of resilience is trying to increase our sense of empowerment though our … read more.

“Reflections on Resilience, Part 2”

In harmony with this month’s Soul Matters theme of resilience, I will continue to preach a series of sermons on this subject.

In honor of Black History Month, this Sunday and next,  I will include in my remarks the stories of African Americans who … read more.