Your Pledge Dollars at Work!


Thank You!

Thank you to all of you who pledged support for UUCH during our Annual Budget Drive (ABD). Many of you contribute monthly via automatic withdrawals or checks or cash when the plate comes around or have prepaid for the year. THANK YOU!

During the ABD last Spring, we highlighted planned efforts to improve accessibility and audio capabilities. High-quality microphones have been purchased and are in use in the sanctuary, and the Technology Committee (led last year by Kip Shepherd and this year by Will Garrison) continues to work to improve sound quality. Thanks to that committee! In addition, you have likely noticed the addition of several shorter pews in the sanctuary. This enables folks with wheel chairs or walkers or other mobility issues to have more options in seating. Thanks to the Property Committee (led by Brad Korb last year and Tom Meier this year) and to the Accessibility Task Force (led by Jeanne deFrance) for their work on this!

And THANK YOU to all ABD donors for your continued support. YOU MAKE THINGS HAPPEN AT UUCH AND THE BROADER WORLD! There’s more to come, thanks to you.

Not yet a pledger? It’s never too late! Contact Alice Dilbeck at to learn how!