Continuing Our Search

The search for our new settled minister has now reached the important “pre-candidating” stage. This means that the Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) has completed the first round of interviews of all of our ministerial applicants and selected three candidates who we will be bringing in for in-depth, formal interviews in February and March.

We are following the very thorough process developed by the UUA Transitions Office that has served the denomination very well. The process advises that we do in-depth interviews with three pre-candidates and from those, we select the candidate who we will bring in for an interview with the entire congregation during “Candidating Week.”

Candidating Week will be in late April, during which time the candidate will conduct worship services, meet with congregants, talk to committees and staff, and spend a great deal of time getting to know our congregation. Everyone in our congregation will have a chance to get to know the candidate.

We are excited about getting close to the time to announce a candidate for you to meet and evaluate, but until then we still have a lot of work to do, references to check, and questions to ask to make sure we find the right candidate for UUCH. And we will continue to keep you posted.

As always, please contact us via email if you have questions, or talk to any MSC member.