Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!

This Sunday (8/11) after church we need your help replacing chair seats and backs. Pizza will be provided for lunch. Children are welcome as helpers, though child care not provided. We expect to be done by 3 p.m. but will be done sooner with more help.

We will be unscrewing orange and blue seats/backs and replacing them with gray tweed onto our existing chair frames. Bring a drill with screw bits, a power screwdriver, or a “person-powered” screwdriver. Flathead and Phillips are both needed. Just think: we’ll have matching chairs!

This is an opportunity to get to know others better as you participate in a service task for the congregation.

If possible, call or text to RSVP to Betsy Applegate. Late deciders are welcome! You can also email the Property Committee Chair.

Sponsored by the Property Committee