Topic: Perseverance

“I Am Willing”

Holly Near’s song “I Am Willing” featured in this week’s service, is a beloved anthem about how we hold on to hope and keep going despite our obstacles. It is an anthem of resilience, a promise to persist. How do we build up resilience in … read more.

“Lessons and Losses”

A year ago today, we closed the doors of our church and went online for our first virtual service. After 52 Sundays of choosing love, safety, and commitment, we are here, holding our lessons and our losses so tenderly. In this service, we will reflect … read more.

“Living in the Bubble of Now”

At our upcoming service, your UUCH Worship Committee will present “Living in the Bubble of Now,” a discussion on life in 2020.  Although we are each experiencing 2020 in different ways, we are all united in its challenges.  Angela Arnold and Salaama Journey will provide … read more.

Loss, Suffering, and Healing

Loss and suffering are inescapable aspects of life. An additional layer of suffering is added to the initial reaction to suffering and loss as we seek to hide our suffering. By hiding our suffering and loss from others, … read more.

Paving the Path

Where are we on our path to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville, that we have dreamed of becoming? This is the question we ask ourselves, as we consider the resources we will need to pave the path for the next steps of our journey.

Like … read more.


What does it mean to be a people of Perseverance? Could there be a better question for this time? The economic, social, and political realities dividing our nation are summoning us to a higher calling.

Last Sunday, our young people shared their thoughts on how our … read more.