Soul Circles

Small Group Ministry has, in various forms, been a part of our congregation’s Ministry for roughly the past ten years. This year we are bringing small groups into the Soul Matters shared thematic ministry alongside our Worship and Religious Education ministries. I am honored to help lead this transition as a part of a final project for my studies at Meadville Lombard Theological Seminary.
Our “Soul Circles” will meet monthly. Each month, prior to meeting, group members will receive preparatory information designed to help them engage more deeply with the monthly theme we are experiencing in our congregational worship. Group members covenant with one another to practice deep listening, speaking from both the heart and the head as they share their soul-journeys through living into the monthly themes. Monthly meetings are scheduled to last no more than two hours.If you would like to join a Soul Circle, please contact me at and let me know which of the following times you can be available:

  • Sunday Afternoons (after Sunday Worship or Potluck);
  • Sunday Evenings;
  • Wednesday Afternoons;
  • Wednesday Evenings.

Please indicate all of the days/times that could work for you, so that we can more smoothly match available group members with available facilitators.

I am excited and hopeful in anticipation of our soul-journeys together.

Blessings,  John Czachurski