Speaker: Rachel Rogers

Blessed Habits, Sacred Routines

As we head back into the fall and our regular routines, the freshness of a new season can quickly glaze over into the mundane. In this service, we will explore together how we can bless regular moments with intentional connections to spirit and thread the divine into the everyday.

Being One With What Is

How do we learn not just to live with change but to appreciate it? We all know that change is a constant in our lives, but that doesn’t make us happy to see it headed our way or even bitter when it sneaks up unexpectedly. How do we balance our desire for change in our … Continue reading Being One With What Is

Begin Again … Again

Our fourth principle calls us to an individual search for truth and meaning. Our faith journeys are lifelong and the personal spiritual practices we develop serve as stepping stones and building blocks along that path. In this service, we’ll explore the miracle of those daily (even hourly!) opportunities to renew our faith that are experienced … Continue reading Begin Again … Again