Topic: Joy

Re-“Opening to Joy”

Online and in person in our Sanctuary for the first time in 20 months, we are re-Opening to Joy! In this season that constantly tries to sell us extravagant commercialized joy, let’s regather in the spirit of simple joys we cannot buy: those that sustain … read more.

“Rest and Play”

Sometimes in worship, every word and sound and song builds to a central theme. And other times we wander through worship, finding meaning in different themes and moments. This Sunday we will honor the Summer Solstice, celebrate Father’s Day, learn about Juneteenth, and remember that … read more.

“Christmas Eve”

For Unitarian Universalists, Christmas Eve is a night of celebration and wonder. We remember that each night a child is born is a holy night and that we are connected to one another through ancient tradition and ritual. Join us for this special evening service … read more.

Christmas Pageant

Each winter our children in our CYRE program put on a pageant to retell the ancient story of a baby in a manger. This year will be a pageant like no other as we adapt this tradition and Joyce Poley’s beautiful pageant to fit our … read more.

In Search of Joy

Our theme this month asks us to consider where and how we find joy in our lives. We take for granted that joy is a necessary element of a good life. And yet, joy is often illusive and defies definition. There are good times and … read more.

A Community of Joy

Our worship theme this month asks what does it mean to be a community of joy? Does it mean we are always happy? Many believe the opposite of joy is not sadness, but isolation and disconnection. Joy connects us to each other, to the world, … read more.