Topic: Identity

We Are: Promises Kept And Broken

We Are many things; Connected, Stronger Together, Love’s Hands In The World, creating justice, Caring For One Another, and The Earth! These are the Promises we make, the promises we strive to keep, and the promises we are known to … read more.

“Forgiving As We Go”

We are becoming something new, something we haven’t quite imagined yet. And in the process of becoming, we are going to bump heads and make mistakes. What could it look like to center forgiveness as we move in these uncharted waters? Who might we become … read more.

Commitment Sunday

Who we love, who we choose, how we support each other, this is what tells us who we are and what we value. David Brooks writes, “Our lives are stories of recommitment.” We are nearing the threshold, we are visioning the time to come when … read more.

UU in a Christian World

In the South, you are quickly defined by who your family is, what team you root for, and what church you call home. Unitarians and Universalists have a history that extends all the way back to the founding of our nation, yet we still have … read more.

Who Are You?

February’s Theme is Identity

Through the month, we will ponder the question, “Who Are You?”

As Unitarian Universalists, we discover that “who we are” is indelibly linked to “Whose we are.” We are shaped by external and internal forces, in our journey of becoming. As we come … read more.