Welcome Table Bread Sharing Service

This Sunday we celebrate our Annual Bread Sharing Service, by breaking bread together and sharing stories of the origin of the bread we bring. This service is multi-generational, although nursery care will be available for babies and the very young.
Bread is called the “staff of life,” because it is a basic life-sustaining food. Some form of bread exists in just about every culture. Perhaps your family inherited a tradition of a particular type of bread from your ancestors. Or, maybe you enjoy bread from an ancestry you choose to claim.
This Sunday you are invited to bring a loaf of bread, preferably cut into bite-size pieces, to share with the congregation. Our favorite breads usually have a story. If the bread you bring has significance to your own family, or to your ethnic, cultural, or religious heritage, you are invited to share that story during the service. If you bring bread that is gluten-free, vegan, etc., you may wish to label it for those who have special dietary considerations.
Let us welcome one another to the table with story, song, and bread to share.