Speaker: Worship Committee

The Deal on Those Days, General Assembly 2022

The last few years have not been easy, including in our local congregations. Whole swaths of members have simply stopped coming; COVID is confusing, and polarizing; many ministers have joined the great resignation; and Pew studies and friends alike have pronounced the end of the … read more.

Virtual Flower Communion

This Sunday is Easter for all of Christendom, and we at UUCH have a wonderful way of celebrating the arrival of spring, the resurrection of nature and our spirits, and the life-giving noises of animals and insects abuzz all around … read more.

In-gathering / Water Communion

The start of the school year marks the end of summer and the return to our routines and schedules. It’s also a signal for the beginning of a new church year. 

Each year, UU congregations around the
country celebrate the end of the summer season and … read more.

Annual Hymn Sing

Music is a powerful thing, and music sung together can move the spirit. This Sunday, we will lift our voices, move our bodies, and celebrate the joy that music brings to our Sunday services. Old favorites and some new tunes will lift your spirit and … read more.

Spirit of Gratitude

Being grateful doesn’t always come easily, especially when the Universe seems to be working directly against you. This week we explore the simple gratitude that can be found in our busy and chaotic world. We will also honor the dedicated service … read more.

Annual Poetry Sunday

Join us as we enjoy original works and those of some of our favorite poets at this year’s Annual Poetry Sunday. 
Our theme this year is Spirituality.

Annual Pride Service

This Pride Sunday, we will be exploring the “T” in LGBT+ by sharing the Trans experience through the voices of those who have experienced transitioning first-hand. Join us in the journey of expanding our inclusiveness and confirming our … read more.