Virtual Flower Communion

This Sunday is Easter for all of Christendom, and we at UUCH have a wonderful way of celebrating the arrival of spring, the resurrection of nature and our spirits, and the life-giving noises of animals and insects abuzz all around us during this wonderful time of year. It’s time for Flower Communion! Please join us for our first ever Virtual Flower Communion service via Zoom on Sunday morning at 10:45.

We invite you to harvest a flower from your own home or yard to have with you for the service. Also, you may choose to decorate your person with flowers as we wave at each other via Zoom on Sunday. Children and adults are invited to draw, color, or otherwise create flowers to have with them for the Sunday service as well. Let’s see how creative we can be adding a floral theme to our service.  As we continue embarking on this new journey of virtual worship services, we invite you to submit photos of flowers from your home or garden, photos of prior years’ Flower Communion services, or photos of other events at UUCH that were meaningful to you. These photos will be considered for a slideshow montage we will enjoy on Sunday during the virtual service. Please email those photos to See you then.