Have Faith in Love

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We are living in a time in each of our lives where their are so many unknowns and where their is much on on the line. A mass pandemic, systematic  racism and violence, protest over human and civil rights, and the upcoming 2020 presidential election this November. So much is at stake! How can we keep our faith in these times? How does our faith call us to respond in times such as these? Is love the answer? Join us and explore some hard topics as we work together to build the beloved community that we all seek. 

Roddy Biggs,(he/him or they/them pronouns) is an East Tennessee native who lives in Middle TN with his partners. Roddy is a student at Middle Tennessee State University working on a Bachelor’s degree in religious studies with a minor in sociology before starting seminary to pursue Unitarian Universalist ministry ministry in Fall of 2021. They are  a social justice driven person and have volunteered on the local, state, and federal level with groups like the Human Rights Campaign.  Roddy is currently an attending-member of the First Unitarian Universalist of Nashville, where they serve as a worship associate, a lay minister, and as co-chair for the Social Justice Committee. Roddy is  planning to be a minister who talks on hard subjects that need to must be brought into the light, and is well on my their  of doing just that.