Ministerial Search Update

By this time next year, we may be preparing to welcome our new settled minister to UUCH. We need you to make this a successful search!

Reflective input from the congregation is the base of a good search. It is with your ideas in mind that your Search Committee can represent our church and start looking for potential candidates early next year.

In the next few months, there will be multiple opportunities for you to share your thoughts and opinions. In September, we will be asking each of you to complete a survey about your ideas about our church and future leadership. In October, we will have a series of cottage meetings and focus groups to hear from each of you and to have the opportunity for us to collaborate and discuss our visions together.

Information gathering is one of the most important phases of a search and will move us forward to our new future. So begin to reflect on what makes this church an important part of your life and the community. How can we be even better? What should our future look like? What type of leadership can help facilitate our visions?

Other upcoming ways you can be involved in the search is by participating in our church video that we will send prospective candidates. In September we will be calling on you all to join us in this project. If you don’t already have Beyond Categorical Thinking on your calendar the weekend of August 17 and 18, put it there now. This workshop will help us all learn and discuss ways we can strengthen our commitment to equality and anti-oppression in the search process and all church activities.

Keep an eye on upcoming newsletters for detailed information, and of course, any time you have questions, please contact us. Our email address is

Submitted by the Ministerial Search Committee