Topic: Prophecy

The Prophetic Community

What does it mean to be a Community of Prophecy? This was the question underlying January’s theme of Prophecy. How is our church community a voice of prophetic wisdom for each of us, even when the voices we hear may seem to be saying … read more.

Voices of Prophecy and Resistance

In this month when we consider what it means to be a Community of Prophecy, we are also invited to support Standing on the Side of Love with 30 Days of Love. Our Unitarian Universalist living tradition of wisdom and spirituality draws from a number … read more.

Toward a Third Reconstruction:

The Vision of Moral Movement Alabama

Moral Movement Alabama is an indigenously led, locally organized, state-legislature focused, deeply moral, deeply constitutional, anti-racist, anti-poverty, pro-justice, pro-labor, transformative fusion movement. Inspiration for this service developed from the Adult Religious Education study of the book, The Third Reconstruction: Moral Mondays, … read more.