Why Do We Gather Here?

Why Do We Gather Here? (Part 1)

The theme for the month is Sanctuary. We view the congregation as a sanctuary. In a series of two sermons, I will explore what that means.
In the first sermon, I will explore the question “why do we gather here?” in terms of personal beliefs. The church is a sanctuary in that we are empowered to explore what we believe is true and real for ourselves. Our congregation can help, assist, guide and aid persons in their journeys but not determine for anyone what their personal beliefs are. This does not deny the importance of beliefs but places responsibility on the individual to define their own beliefs. This pathway encourages each person to define what they believe carefully and responsibly. It requires more, not less, effort than religious traditions that prescribe to their members what they are expected to believe. This way of approaching the formation of beliefs is unique among religious traditions in the surrounding society.
I will also explore this theme by speaking about my own religious journey.