This Wasn’t Part of the Plan

Some 90 days ago, as the world gathered together to ring in a new year full of promise and prospect, not many of us could have guessed the current state of our world today. Yet, here we are; doing our best to physically distance ourselves from the communities we love most, and sitting with uncertainty as each new day rolls into the next.     

This is a strange new world, where the ground feels like it’s shifting nearly every moment.  Our commitment to “slow the spread” has meant that we have had to give up things, special occasions, long planned trips, the security of our every day routines.  As we move further into the days that become weeks, that become months there is a sense of mourning in our lives.     

This Sunday, we come together in the virtual world to celebrate all the ways we remain the same in unpredictable times and to mourn the losses that we feel.   

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