The Rise of Feminine Power

In honor of Mother’s Day, and in the spirit (I hope) of what this holiday is about, I will explore the theme of the rise of feminine power.    

Over the last two years, we have seen the rise of more political activism from women than has ever occurred in our country’s history. We have seen not only a rise in activism but also an increase in the number of women directly engaged in running for political office. This represents a rising tide that has been occurring for decades, gathering strength and momentum, and coming to its current state, at least partially, as a reaction to what has been going on politically in this country for two years.    

Now, as we approach the 2020 presidential election, five women are running to be the candidate for president. At the same time, a woman is the political leader of the majority in the House of Representatives. More women than ever are engaged in the political process at all levels.    

Is it any accident that at the point in our political history when the Republic faces historically severe challenges, representation from women has ascended to turn the tide of political catastrophe? I don’t think so. The power of the feminine must rise and balance the power of male-dominated political culture, or our future will be bleak.