Spirituality in the Key of Life

Part 2

Over the years, I have noticed that UU congregations struggle with understanding the value and place of spirituality. Considerable effort goes into whether UUs should be religious, not religious, anti-religious, spiritual, agnostic, undeclared, or any other variation thereof. Alternatively, much discussion has focused on whether social action is a surrogate for spirituality. Is there a way to cut through a polarized and confusing debate to a meaningful and productive discussion of the matter?   Over the last 20 years, much research (from people without an agenda) indicates that spiritual practices can have very positive mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. This research may provide a clue for a path forward beyond the polarized debates within and beyond our religious group.   In this sermon series, I will share some experiences leading me to conclude that this is an important issue, how research from unexpected places confirms the value of spirituality, and how UUs might make use of this information.