Going Forward

The wheels of life are turning, and the world for all of us is changing. Although the future, as always, is in some ways opaque and unknowable, there is a lot we can say about the future of UUCH.  

First, UUCH is in the best position imaginable to enter the next chapter of its life. The Ministerial Search process, led by the excellent UUCH MSC, has concluded the search for a new minister with the best possible choice.  I have never seen a minister and congregation so perfectly suited for one another, and for the maximum possible positive relationship.

Second, UUCH resoundingly affirmed the choice of the new minister with a 100% affirmative vote. This means you enter the relationship with your new minister under the best possible conditions emotionally and psychological and in every other way.

Third, the congregation of UUCH is sound and healthy. There are no overhanging difficulties lingering in the congregation that would impede your movement forward. 

Fourth, the congregation of UUCH is ready to move forward. You are ready to rise to your potential as a spiritual and religious influence in the greater Huntsville area.

Fifth, right now, the UU congregations of Alabama have strong leaders in all the congregations led by professional ministers. There are things the congregations of Alabama can do together that would have been impossible only four years ago. The potential for unified action among Alabama UU congregations to cast a greater influence on Alabama has never been greater.

This Sunday I will talk about future of UUCH, and the many great possibilities that are open before you.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.